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For Your Ears and Eyes: Sketch-Noting the Emergence Podcast
Article Published in Icarus Complex
Blue Ball Monkey Keeps Scientists Waiting Seven Years
Out on a limb: Unlikely collaboration boosts orangutans in Borneo
‘To save a forest you have to destroy a nicer one’: U.S. Marines target forest in Guam
Dust and Blood: The Challenges of Writing Climate Change
Chimpanzee Culture Evolves! or, My First Job as a Journalist





Wilderness in Los Angeles?! Flora and Fauna of Deukmejian Wilderness Park
Awe, Glitter, Motherhood, Home, Mbiras, Clay: the Watsons Return


Leading Book Club for the Planetary Health Alliance

Canada (Watson)

Fourth Quarterly Report: How to Sum Up a Watson?

Scotland (Watson)

Malaysia (Watson)

Burung Burung: Choose Your Own Tunes to the Birds of Borneo
Nina and Collin Explore Malaysia: A Break from Solo Travel
After-School School and Night Plogging in Kuala Lumpur
Diversity-lah! One Health in Malaysia

Indonesia (Watson)

On Being a Small Polyp in a Big Ocean
Birdwatching on Lombok: Tracing Wallace's Path
Second Quarterly Report: Halfway through the Watson

Madagascar (Watson)

First Quarterly Report: Three Months on the Watson

South Africa (Watson)

An Unexpected Safari

Brazil (Watson)

Subvisible Thoughts: Rewriting the War on Microbes
Beautiful Selections: 150 Birds of Pantanal and Cerrado
Outbreaks, Couch Surfing, and a Glowing Green Church
The Watson So Far: A Two-Month Reflection on Life, Structure, and Eavesdropping through Science
Marsupial Trapping in Bonito
How to Make Rapadura, a Sugarcane Sweet
Tamandua! and Other Mammals
Vale do Bugio: Tourism as a Tool to Protect Private Ecosystems
Cerrado: é para os Pássaros, it's for the Birds
Festa no Clube do Laço
Fazenda Colorado
My First Day on the Watson! Takeoff to Brazil
What's a Watson? My Plans for the Year to Come

Sweets in Suncadia
Why Natural History Matters
Do Lichens Have Free Will? or Snowshoeing Congo Gulch
The Journey of a Water Droplet
Mushrooms Galore
Tri-State Birding in Washington, Oregon and Idaho
Images of Johnston Wilderness Campus
The Singing Blues: Hawk Watching in Oregon
A Visit to Ice Harbor Dam
Do You Know Your Wheat Farmer?
Canoe Clean-Up
San Fog Juanderers: My Introduction to Whitman


Mammals of Southern Arizona
Humans Who Love Birds Who Love Cacti
The Sonoran Four: Agave, Yucca, Sotol, Beargrass


An Imagination (short story)
Reptiles and Amphibians of the Intermountain West


The Wildlife of Honolulu International Airport

Hey, Bear!
Triplet Eaglets, Twin Colts and Septuplet Ducklets
Across Kachemak Bay
If You Can Hear Me in the Elevator, Remain Calm: Our LAST DAY on the Alaska Road Trip!
Look's Like the Ventilation's Busted: Day Eighteen on the Alaska Road Trip
Green Light over the Ocean: Day Seventeen on the Alaska Road Trip
Whistle Bird and the Art of Pishing: Day Sixteen on the Alaska Road Trip
Going with the Flow in Juneau: Day Fifteen on the Alaska Road Trip
How Red Prius Nearly Got Bulldozed: Day Fourteen of the Alaska Road Trip
Spruce Beetle Sap: Day Thirteen of the Alaska Road Trip
X Marks the Spot: Day Twelve on the Alaska Road Trip
Amazing Underwater Moms: Day Eleven on the Alaska Road Trip
Smoked Salmon in an Unexpected Row Boat: Day Six on the Alaska Road Trip



The Fruit Barn, Dead Geese, and a Bobcat: We're Off to Big Sky!


Slime and Scales: the Herpetofauna of Florida
Eating in the Everglades (Video Blog)
I Spent My Vacation to Florida in a Dark Windowless Room, and it was Awesome!

Washington, D. C.

You Just NOAA It's Gonna Be a Good Time!


There and Back Again (to Machu Picchu!)
Agua Blanca: A Commune in the Desert
Every Dead Animal I Can Get My Hands On
Undercover Shark Market Monitoring
Nest Exhumation
Beach Patrol
Stranded in Puerto López
Are You Up for Montañita?
A Morning Shower and a Bedtime Bath
Boa Boy
Crazy, Wet, Colorful, Wonderful
The Anhinghoo with an Exactlywattle?!
A Ten-Lane Highway Through the Amazon (Ants Only)
Soundtrack of Sunrise: Birding at Limoncocha
Sleeping Alone in the Amazon
Todo Es Posible, Nada Es Seguro
Breaking the Birder Speed Limit
Mindo, Land of Butterflies and Chocolate
A Morning With No Plans
To Gallop On Top of the World
Safe and Sound in Ecuador

Brazil (Alpha Zeta Partners)

Blades of Sugarcane
Dam We're Fine
And Then They Killed the Pigs
YOBO: You Only Brazil Once
Cows, Art, and Cow Art
Over the River and Through the Woods
A Marvelous Day at the Farm
Sleepy Tree Hugger
Paint the Favela
We Study, We Eat, We Walk Around
Animals - Alive or Cooked?
Hyundais and Hamburgers - to São Paulo We Go!
Frisbee Love is Universal
Those Aren't Squirrels!
Call Me Country with a Capital C
Os Pássaros: The Birds
Nineteen Buckeyes In Ohio, and One In Brazil
Multiple Forecasts of Extreme Temperature Changes

Galápagos Islands 

(All posts available here, on my previous blog for IES Abroad)

What Do a Desert Island and the Rain City Have in Common?
A Little Blood Lost at the Sleeping Lion
Daisy Trees and Tiki Heads: A Photographic Field Journal
Epic Battle for a Sea Lion Placenta (video blog)
Makes You Think
Since When Does Botany Include Power Plants?
The Day I Left The Ice Cream Shop
The Frigatebird’s Bathtub and the Giant Tortoise’s Daycare
A Rough Road to the Galápagos
Prehistoric Leaf-Eating Cow-Stomach Birds and Other Incredible Tales (Tiputini Part 2)
Getting to Class in the Amazon Takes More Than a School Bus (Tiputini Part 1)
A Handful of Plant Snot
El Centro Histórico
Un Camino En Mi Barrio: A Walk In My Neighborhood
Los Pájaros
El Jardín
123 Minutes Early and Ready To Go