Vector-Borne Diseases of Arctic Wildlife
Kayla Buhler
Karrak Lake, Nunavut, Canada
June to July, 2018

Tungiasis and Climate Change
Dr. Sarah Zohdy
Ranomafana, Finaratsoa, Madagascar
October to December, 2017

Evolution of Mouse Lemurs, Lice, and Viruses in Forest Fragments
Dr. Sarah Zohdy
Ranomafana, Finaratsoa, Madagascar
October to December, 2017

Distemper Spillover from Cats and Dogs to Wild Carnivores
Duca Andrade Santos
Taboco, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
July to September, 2017

Sea Star Recruitment Survey and Environmental Education
Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies
Homer, Alaska
June to August 2016

Ocean Acidification and Sea Star Wasting Disease
Dr. Lesanna Lahner
Seattle Aquarium, Seattle, Washington
NOAA Hollings Scholarship
June to August 2015

Comparative Functional Morphology of Sculpin Jaws
Dr. Nicholas Gidmark
University of Washington, Friday Harbor, Washington
National Science Foundation REU
June to August 2014
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Photo credit: Pema Kitaeff.

Marine Turtle and Shark Research Volunteer
Equilibrio Azul Foundation
Puerto López, Manabí, Ecuador
March to April 2014

Sea Lion Census Volunteer
Galápagos National Park
San Cristóbal, Galápagos, Ecuador
October to December 2013

Stable Isotope Analysis Laboratory Assistant
Dr. Massimiliano Drago
San Cristóbal, Galápagos, Ecuador
December 2013
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Carapace Epibiota of Galápagos Green Turtles
Dr. Margarita Brandt
San Cristóbal, Galápagos, Ecuador
October 2013

Comparative Histology of Avian and Bovine Integument
Dr. Pasha Lyvers Peffer
The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
August to December 2012