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Interview, The Anthropositive Outlook, 2020

InterviewGlobal Health Global Beats, 2020

"Linklet Bay," Man On A Beach, 2018

"When Our Gods Take Us Back," Semester in the West, 2016

creative non-fiction

"Health In Harmony: an NGO using healthcare as a means to fight deforestation," Icarus Complex, 2019

"Cottonwoods in Concrete: A Call for Collaborative Survival among Ruins," Edge Effects, 2017

"The Sea Star’s Warning," Camas: The Nature of the West, 2014

"Cooped Up in Seattle," Project YouthPact: Youth Perspectives on Public Service, 2013


"Secretive and colorful dryas monkey isn’t as rare as once thought," Mongabay, 2019

"Out on a limb: Unlikely collaboration boosts orangutans in Borneo," Mongabay, 2019

"'To save a forest you have to destroy a nicer one': U.S. Marines target forest in Guam," Mongabay, 2019

"Dust and blood: Climate-induced conflict fuels migration, study finds," Mongabay, 2019

"After all, humans will adapt to climate change, right?Walla Walla Union Bulletin, 2014


"Into the Wild," We Are Goodenough, 2020

"Environmental Impact Toolkit," Médecins Sans Frontières Canada, 2019

"Artist Nina Finley Captures the Opening Plenary Session Through Art," American Society of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 2019

"Lab trip to ASTMH 2018!" Zohdy Lab, 2018

"Sketch notes of sessions," Planetary Health Alliance, 2018

"Circumhorizon Arc," Cloud Appreciation Society, 2014


"Jaw-dropping sculpins: comparative functional morphology and evolution of the Cottoid feeding apparatus," Whitman College honors thesis, 2017

"Stable Isotopes Reveal Long-Term Fidelity to Foraging Grounds in the Galapagos Sea Lion (Zalophus wollebaeki)," PLOS One, 2016


"Campus Ambassador Nina Finley," Planetary Health Alliance, 2020

"Whitman Students Awarded Watsons," Whitman Wire, 2017

"Whits 2nd at D1 ultimate tourney," Walla Walla Union Bulletin, 2016

"Student Spotlight: Nina Finley," The Ohio State University, 2013

"Dynamic Duos," USA Ultimate Magazine, 2010