Home Tweet Home: Birding Seattle in June

In my absence this past year, my mom has taken up two hobbies with a vengeance: singing in a barbershop choir and watching birds.

I am hopelessly tone deaf, so when I got home I couldn't join my mom's singing. But birding! Now that's something I can get behind!

My fearless birding captain and me.
Here are some photos I took during four awesome birding jaunts with my mom in the month of June.

(And remember, you can always click on a photo to launch a high-definition slideshow!)

Juanita Bay Park

Kirkland, Washington

Cedar waxwing.

Crows mobbing a red-tailed hawk.

A female red-winged blackbird.

A juvenile red-winged blackbird.

Wood duck.

American robin. 

How many (Western painted) turtles can you count?

This bald eagle is just begging to be memed.

Don't feed the rainbow wildlife.

Mama wood duck and ducklings! How many can you count?

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Olympia, Washington

This savannah sparrow nestled in wildflowers reminded me of an Easter basket.

Cinnamon teal.

Interesting footprints! I'm thinking they were trod by a raccoon.

A grazing black-tailed deer doe.

Bad hair day?

Ah, that's better. This female hooded merganser just needed a good blow-dry.

Montlake Fill

Seattle, Washington

Anna's hummingbird.

A hummingbird nest with two sword-billed chicks! The inside of the nest was about the size of a penny.

A red-winged blackbird stares into the distance.

A song sparrow sips from a pond.

"Bottoms up! Time to dabble!" says Mr. Mallard.

A marsh wren gives a free concert.

Upper Skagit

Corkindale Creek and other sites in Skagit County, Washington

Our first bird: a western scrub jay! These guys are NOT supposed to be this far north.

A rufous hummingbird positively glows in the sunshine.

Work those wings, little hummer!

Coyote scat full of blackberry seeds.

A lazuli bunting in the maple tree! This bird was startlingly blue.

A whole family of ruffed grouse went flying when we stepped into the meadow!

A willow flycatcher? Gotta ask the expert for this one...

A singing spotted towhee. Maybe he's singing a little barbershop for my mom!


If ducklings, wildflowers, and bumblebees weren't enough to convince you it's springtime... just look at these gorgeous fiddleheads.

Spending a year on the equator was amazing, but there are some things the tropics just can't provide. I'm glad to be back in my temperate Seattle where I can watch the seasons come and go with people I love!