Article published in Icarus Complex

My photographed article, "Health In Harmony: an NGO using healthcare as a means to fight deforestation," was just published in Icarus Complex.

Icarus Complex is a new print and online magazine created by Afsaneh Rafii, a powerful editor and climate activist fighting for to give her children a livable future. Afsaneh commissioned this article after reading my climate journalism in Mongabay, and I had the joy of joining her for brunch recently in London. I hope we'll collaborate to publish more perspectives on climate and ecological justice soon.

A sneak peak:

Walk through the lowland rainforest of Gunung Palung National Park on the western coast of Borneo, and feel steam rising around you. Fungi compost the leaf litter, and termites digest fallen logs into soil. Millennium-old ironwoods and meranti trees brace themselves against thundering rain with buttress roots. Between storms, sunlight bakes the canopy and filters down to dapple the forest floor.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Borneo experienced some of the fastest deforestation in history. Not even areas with legal protection were safe.

When an undergraduate student named Kinari Webb visited Gunung Palung National Park as an orangutan research assistant in 1993, she heard the sounds of chainsaws every day. Webb took the unusual step of asking loggers why they cut trees, and their response surprised her: they logged to afford healthcare. ...

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