For Your Ears and Eyes: Sketch-Noting the Emergence Podcast

Have you ever listened to a podcast and thought, "I wish I had a colorful doodle to look at while I listened to this thing?"

Perfect, I have just the doodle for you.

A few months ago, the Director of International Veterinary Health at MSD Animal Health, Alasdair King, noticed my sketch-notes on Twitter. He sent me a message to commission sketches for his monthly One Health podcast, Emergence, which covers news on transboundary and emerging diseases.

MSD Animal Health, or Merck as it's known in the US and Canada, is one of the world's largest veterinary pharmaceutical companies. Medical and veterinary folks might know of them through their Merck Manuals.

I'll be sketching a signpost for five Emergence episodes, starting with Episode 5: The One About FMD in Africa. Take a listen while you take a look!

Hot tip: Click on the photo to magnify it. If that doesn't work, try right-clicking and choosing "Open link in a new tab" to magnify.

To give you a little taste of the process, here's the sketch when it was mostly drawn but not yet colored:

Stay tuned for Episode 6: The One with the OIE on COVID19, coming soon.