Tur Klinic: My Debut as a Filmmaker

I made a video!

It's titled, "Tur Klinic." Can you guess what it means? Ok I'll tell you: "Clinic Tour." Bahasa Indonesia is a wonderfully phonetic language with many English cognates.

As a volunteer at Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI), I've split my time between education and media. For education, I've created Planetary Health curriculum, presented to the complete hospital staff on climate change basics, and taught kids' classes ranging from healthy snacks to lemurs to mangrove ecology. (More on that in the next post.) For media, I've written blog posts, taken photos of ASRI's programs, and contributed to the Instagram account.

A teaser from the video, to get you to watch it :)

Last week I asked Oka, ASRI's only marketing and communication staff, what I should do next. She pushed me out of my comfort zone to make a video tour of the ASRI Clinic! It's not professional, but it sure was fun to make. And Oka was an excellent host.

An outtake!

For my friends who don't speak Bahasa Indonesia, you won't be able to understand the words, but I hope you enjoy the silly editing, music, and a visual journey through one of the world's first Planetary Health hospitals.

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Oka and I relax on the Old Dock after a day of media. (And Amad photobombs.)

Big thanks to Oka for making this video happen! Our target audience are potential patients in the Sukadana region who are curious about seeking healthcare at ASRI but unsure what to expect. I hope this video will make a visit to the clinic seem more welcoming and less scary for patients of all ages.


  1. Love it. Good to know you have some skills in case the whole planetary health thing doesn't work out ;-)


  2. Hiya Nina! Here ya go! (Typed while eating dinner)
    Video transcript translated from Bahasa Indonesia:

    "Hello everyone! Good morning! I’d like to introduce myself. I am Oka Nurlaila. I am the Marketing and Communications staff member at the Alam Sehat Lestari (Sustainable Healthy World) Clinic. Today, I’d like to show you what our Clinic is like. Let’s go!

    This is the Waiting Area. The patients who come to our clinic will take a number, take a seat in the Waiting Area and wait to be called. They will be called according to their numbers to the Registration Room.

    This is the Registration Room. Say Hi to Sister Padma and Brother Yudi! (p/s: not sure if I heard the names right) Come over here, I want to show you something. Here is a woven mat, the handiwork of a patient who wove this mat as a token of appreciation for the Clinic.

    Bye Padma! Bye Yudi!

    And now we visit the Emergency Room.

    And this is the most popular photo opportunity spot in our Clinic! If you visit our Clinic, don’t forget to take a selfie here! (i.e. with the orangutan).

    Next to the photo opp is the Dental Clinic. Villagers who need dental treatment will come here for treatment.

    This is our Clinic library!

    This poster shows some of the forms of payment we accept at our Clinic. Patients can pay with cash, handicrafts, plants, farm produce, manure or labour. Patients pay what they can afford.

    This poster shows the environmental restoration / replanting work carried out by the staff of the Clinic over the years.

    Now let us go to the kitchen. We will see what Ibu (i.e. honorific for any older lady) is cooking for lunch. Ta-daa! Ibu is making eggs, fried tempeh and vegetables. Delicious!

    Outside the kitchen is our edible garden. It is within walking distance of the kitchen, so we can harvest what we need and take it inside.

    Next, let us visit my office. Let’s do a leap. One, two, three… ta-daa! (magically lands outside her office)

    This is my office in the Bunkhouse (not sure if I heard this right. Barnhouse? Bunkhouse?). We have come to the end of the little tour. Until we meet again in the next video, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to Alam Sehat Lestari!"

  3. Wonderfully entertaining video! The speed-walking and music are great. I love the snapshots in the middle for the selfies. It is full of love! The clinic looks like a marvelous place. And Oka is a natural. I'd nominate her for best leading actress.

  4. Awesome ...did you use your camera?

  5. EeLynn: thank you! Your translation has now been added as subtitles by Oka!

    Russ: yes, my same old trusty camera you gave me (twice!)

  6. Nina: I like your video! And the big selfie orangutan. She's cute! Or maybe it's a he. My dictionary says orangutan means "forest man" in Malay. I wonder if someone thought they were hairy humans.


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