Multiple Forecasts of Extreme Temperature Changes

I was just alerted that Ohio State's campus will be closed tomorrow due to "multiple forecasts of extreme temperature changes that could result in frostbite and hypothermia."

I, too, will be experiencing extreme temperature changes tomorrow, but not the sort which could result in death-by-freezing. As the rest of the country tries to maintain blood circulation, I'll be on a plane leaving behind Seattle's drizzle for São Paulo, where the weather forecast is 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

This semester, I'll be traveling with Alpha Zeta Partners, Ohio State's branch of a national agricultural honorary. I'll be focusing on farming and Portuguese instead of ecology and Spanish. I know this journey will be very different from last semester's, but just as exciting! After six weeks in Brazil I'm returning to Ecuador for a couple of months to study green turtles on the Galápagos Islands and to volunteer at Estación Científica Yasuní in the Amazon Rainforest.

Since I'm no longer traveling through IES Abroad, I'll be using this new Blogger platform instead of my old WordPress blog. You can revisit my original Galápagos blog here.

Stay warm, America!

I got two huge, gorgeous bird books for Christmas: Birds of Ecuador and Birds of Brazil. I'll try to find and photograph a few of these gorgeous species for you!
Here I am with Birds of Brazil and my lovely sister. Her flight back to Chicago kept getting delayed due that frostbite/hypothermia weather, so we got to spend a couple extra days together.