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Out on a limb: Unlikely collaboration boosts orangutans in Borneo

My latest article for Mongabay!

Out on a limb: Unlikely collaboration boosts orangutans in Borneo
Click on the above link to read it, or scroll down.

I was lucky to report this article from the field, both at the medical center built by Health In Harmony and ASRI near Gunung Palung National Park, and at the new ASRI clinics near Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park.

When I began, I thought I'd be writing an overview of Health In Harmony's planetary health model of conservation. Then, Mongabay published a podcast interview with Health In Harmony's founder, Dr. Kinari Webb, a week before my article was slated for publication. It's a wonderful podcast, you should check it out! But it covered the same territory as my article and threw a wrench in my plans, as the magazine understandably didn't want to publish two pieces on extremely similar topics in the same week.

The dilemma forced me to rethink my angle and tell the story from a perspective I hadn't considered be…

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