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Blue-ball monkey keeps scientists waiting seven years

That's the title I was hoping to use, anyway! Collin and I were pretty proud to come up with it, and my editor at Mongabay liked it, but I guess it was nixed in the end for something more family-friendly. Ah well, at least I can use it as the title of my blog post. 💁

Click here:
Secretive and colorful dryas monkey isn’t as rare as once thought to read the article on Mongabay, or scroll down to read it embedded in my blog. Thanks to my editor, Jeremy, for the opportunity to write an article in the style of natural history. Climate models, conservation solutions, and deforestation emergencies are important, but sometimes we need to simply cultivate awe and curiosity about the wild organisms on earth, like this "hunker down monkey" with an outrageous blue butt.

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