Nina's Notes: Tuberculosis, the bugs in your gut, stakeholders + surveillance

More notes! And more cute animals. And their cute TB.

Last week we covered sleeping sickness, viral fevers, whole genome sequencing and more.

This week we have tantalizing microbes—tuberculosis and the protozoans in your gut—as well as some abstract concepts—stakeholder analysis and on-farm surveillance. Take your pick, whatever piques your curiosity.

Hot tip: Click on a photo to magnify and scroll through a high-resolution slide show. For PC users, right click and select "Open link in new tab" to magnify further.

Stakeholder Analysis


On-Farm Disease Surveillance

Enteric Protozoan Pathogens

(translation: single-celled organisms that make you sick when they get in your intestine)


  1. Interesting that TB started in humans and remains a major scourge: “ Global burden = 50 million, 9 million new cases per year, 1.5 million deaths per year.”

    Your pictures are awesome. Especially liked the udders ; )

    1. It is amazing how TB is still such a big cause of illness and death around the world, especially when we do have good drugs to treat it. And TB has the potential to grow instead of shrink as it gains resistance to multiple drugs.

      Thanks, you know how much I love dairy cows. Currently wearing my Buckeye Dairy Club sweatshirt and cuts-of-beef pajama pants. Cozy.


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