Nina's Notes: Brain Protozoa, Gut Bacteria, Influenza, and How to Tell if Your Surveillance Sucks

Welcome back to Nina's Notes.

Last week we covered tuberculosis, enteric protozoa, stakeholder analysis, and on-farm surveillance. 

Today, meet the wild protozoans of your brain and the bacteria in your belly. Get lost in the numerical maze of statistics and the analytical haze of animal-health surveillance evaluation. Then come back to life for influenza, the wiliest virus of them all.

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Mind Control

(I mean, toxoplasmosis)

Enteric Bacteria

(to complement last week's dose of enteric protozoa)

Statistics: Comparing Two Means and Two Proportions

(gosh this stuff is dry)

Evaluation of Animal Health Surveillance

(you don't just gotta surveil, then you gotta evaluate how well you surveilled 😱)


(finally, back to some microbes!)

And more... Statistics

(but I'll spare you all and cut if off here)